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Find the best location for your business

In the broadly understood trade (retail), more pedestrian traffic means more sales. Thanks to us you will find the busiest places in the area. For geolocation data to be useful to your business, you need to be able to pinpoint exactly where the user is in the physical world. We provide location insight with 10 times greater accuracy than any available on the market. The bottom line is that we only focus on the city - streets and sidewalks, as this is the only real outdoor environment. Your business depends on people and their needs, not mobile signals.

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Choosing the right location can be a key success factor for businesses such as shops, restaurants and bakeries. Do you want to know the potential of the premises you have an eye on before investing in it? You will find the answer thanks to the new tool, which provides key location information based on CitiesAI data and allows you to compare it with nearby competitors.

Hourly distribution

Adjust the opening and working hours of your staff to pedestrian traffic in the surroundings. Thanks to our data, you can choose the best opening hours. You shouldn’t close your point at 4:00 PM when the peak traffic is at 5:00 PM. Optimise your number of employees at peak hours whenmore service is really required.

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Demography data

Everyone who runs their business knows how important it is to choose the right location. After the initial selection in terms of price or size, it is worth supporting yourself with information about pedestrian traffic in front of the premises. In addition, our data contains information on the share of individual age groups or sexes of passers-by. This allows even more accurate adjustment of the location to our needs and target group.

Determine the effectiveness of your locations

Assess to what extent a given location uses the potential of pedestrian traffic. Correlate your pedestrian traffic data with the sales data of your points and check the performance of your points. Thanks to us, you will find out if there is any competition nearby.

Monitor the impact of external factors on pedestrian traffic

You are definitely aware of the impact of external factors on pedestrian traffic and revenue of your venue. Learn about the influence of seasonality and their differences in particular times of the day, list the days of cyclical events, restrictions related to the pandemic in different districts. Check whether changes in traffic organization or repairs of sidewalks and streets affect the surroundings of your location. See our data in conjunction with these factors on an annual, monthly and daily basis.

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Discover how our data and algorithms can boost your business and advertising

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