Discover how our data and algorithms can boost your business and advertising

Discover the real potential of your OOH campaigns

CitiesAI collects information on all billboard locations in the city, as well as on all displayed creatives. We compare such data with the flow of people and cars, which allows us to determine the real scope of the campaign and its costs in reaching one user.

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Optimise OOH campaigns based on solid data

Thanks to CitiesAI, you can finally verify the effectiveness of your campaign based on real-time data. Use photos of the vicinity of your billboards gathered by our drivers. The analysis of the media plan with the use of our technology is a real measurement of passers-by, not an estimation based on a study with the human eye once a year. Don't pay for ads without checking the number of people. Buy the billboards wisely and forget about GRPS . Verifying the actual reach of a campaign based on the people flow is a cheap and effective way to achieve higher brand awareness among pedestrians and drivers. Better OOH media mix provides better return on investment.

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Verify the visibility of your billboards

You will get a dedicated report with photos of your carriers from our taxis. Thanks to this, you can see the surroundings of your billboards, its visibility from various locations along the streets.

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Discover how our data and algorithms can boost your business and advertising

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