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People flow

Open or close venue wisely. Don't depend on your intuition, use real-time data. Analyse pedestrian traffic in the city with multiple aggregations. in order to understand which place is the most profitable.

Alleys Heatmap

Precise motion measurements and demography based on computer vision. Check indoor measurement potential in the expansion and relocation of your business.


Analyse the visibility of your billboards in the city, monitor billboard campaigns. Analyse your competitors' campaigns. Get unique data not available anywhere else, see photos provided only by CitiesAI drivers.

How it works?

Our advantages

Regular measurement verified with brick & mortar venues.

Data aggregation even up to 30m long sections of the pavement, divided into right and left pavement.

15 000 000 photos monthly.

Data for the entire city updated daily.

Own architecture and database of photos to train algorithms.

Hourly schedule, days of the week, seasonality and changes in trends, e.g. impact of a pandemic.


Our founders have been developing in the past one of the most important research companies in CEE region - GEMIUS, that standardized internet research for whole digital sector. Their experience in expanding internationally to all European countries is a guarantee of high standards and integrity.

Piotr Ejdys
Kamil Adamczyk
Krzysztof Krygiel

What our customers say

As part of the cooperation, CitiesAI provides us with data for analyzes and models determining the attractiveness of a location. Thanks to them, we are able to analyze, with great accuracy and precision, both potential locations and previously not taken into account, as well as the current chain of stores in terms of pedestrian traffic. Constant access to CitiesAI data allows us to make better decisions in the conditions of a dynamically changing business environment.
CitiesAI data helped us in the process of analyzing areas in terms of selecting and comparing traffic in locations taken into account in the investment process. CitiesAI data provides valuable insight into the number and distribution of pedestrian traffic - which is extremely important when deciding on expansion. Thanks to historical data, we are able to analyze the movement backwards, which also allows us to answer the questions to what extent the pandemic and the appearing and disappearing restrictions affect the business.
We use CitiesAI data in the process of determining the attractiveness of a location in terms of the distribution of our coffee shops. Access to data representing not only the number but also the intensity over the course of the day, week and historical coverage is particularly important for operational activities.

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