A new type of research - Alleys Heatmap

Innovative research methodology using Computer Vision and artificial intelligence.

In our report, we provide data useful both at the stage of choosing a place for a store, service point or restaurant in a shopping mall, and also when planning promotions and in merchandising.

  • Heatmaps showing the number of people passing by for each aisle in the mall.
  • Taking into account the traffic on the right and left sides of the aisle, along with zones - near the entrance and further from the entrance to each store.
  • Detailed numbers of passersby in front of each venue, including your competitors.
  • Traffic analysis, in particular, hours and days of the week.

The report will help you in many areas:

  • Negotiations on the optimal rent for the premises in relation to the traffic potential in this area of the mall.
  • Compare traffic in front of competitors' stores.
  • Comparison of traffic to revenues of several of your stores in different shopping malls, thus determining the real sales potential of each location.
  • Analysis of traffic trends and conversion to entries and sales.
  • Analysis of the impact of promotional activities and sales on the conversion of traffic in front of the store, based on the analysis of how many window shoppers there are vs. those entering.
  • Planning of marketing activities and promotions.
  • Analyse what site exposures convert best.
  • Optimising the number of staff in the store.

Independence from infrastructure

Our solution is the only one on the market that does not require image acquisition from CCTV cameras or the installation of any sensors. That is why we can conduct an independent footfall study in any shopping malls you choose.

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