Discover how our data and algorithms can boost your business and advertising

How it works?

To make geolocation data useful for the business you must be able to identify precisely where user is located in the physical.

Technological approach

CitiesAI deploys machine learning and computer vision solution to unlock business opportunities of the urban space.

Car cameras

With the use of numerous cameras placed in cars constantly driving through the city we capture vast amounts of city view images every day. The silhouettes of the people in the photos are anonymised

Mobile monitoring

We are constantly monitoring outdoor environment to help business quantify potential customer base.

Object recognition

Neural networks recognize pedestrians, vehicles, billboards, and other advertising media in photos.

Modelling of pedestrian traffic

With the help of stationary points and external data, we get a full map of pedestrian traffic in the city.

Data aggregation and visualization

We aggregate data in 2 dimensions:

time (e.g. hourly schedule, days of the week, seasonality)

spatially (e.g. 30m pavement section, block, whole district)

The results are presented in the form of a report and, on request, charts, heat maps, spatial data and csv files. Data is also shared via API.

500 000

Pictures a day

Pedestrian traffic data is one of the most frequently used geolocation data in business. The current solutions on the market are not able to reproduce the user's location and the way of moving in the external space with such accuracy as we are able to do with CitiesAI.

We use best-in-breed technologies

Discover how our data and algorithms can boost your business and advertising

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